Letter to self.

Dear Adefunke,

Looking back today, it’s unbelievable you have spent 21 years on here and you’re still doing fine at it. You have grown over the years, developed  physically,  mentally and spiritually. You  know your character and skills has evolved and  unknowingly you have become this  strong lady. You remember, you had a lot of fears about growing up – then you heard Taylor’s Never Grow Old last year and you saw yourself in that song. But staying up on a lone, cold and quiet night doesn’t scare you anymore because you’re finally protruding towards becoming genius you have always dreamt of becoming.It’s evident from assessment that  you’ve grown and still have a lot of growing up to do. You have transformed from an overtly mean being  to a courteous one, Damilola always said you were brutish and heartless, but you get the rush when he says you’re the best kid sister he could have prayed for.  Now watch out carefully for the beautiful angel that has popped out of your used to be insane heart, where you really didn’t care about the little things that mattered.

On your transit on life’s bus, you’ve had a lot of stops, met a lot of people, some stuck through the test of time, some vanished like vapour as the years passed by, some you distanced yourself from, some you loved wholeheartedly, sometimes you caused the separation, hhmmnn its all fine, you will meet more people. Baby girl, I hope you have learnt your lessons? Never forget to always leave a lasting pleasant impression in the hearts of  people – that is a vital part of your success story and their many stories.

Always remember never to underestimate family as they will always have your back no matter what the world thinks of you my dear. Family should always come first. They’re like the air you breathe, the most constructive folks you could ever have. Family will never lie to you, they will never wash-down your success and trials. Family are the only ones who will smile with you in a storm. Sure some friends stay with you through the highs and the lows – but they’re blood, not friends anymore.

You have experienced love, try to nurture it, try to replicate it, build it, love when it is hard to, never stop loving  and give all you can afford – because you’re saving someone’s life by loving them unconditionally.

In this past years, you have improved yourself career wise; never slow down on this path, keep aiming for the top and the sky will be your stepping stone and starting point. Your way to the top is not going to be an easy one but with resilience, dogmatism and hard work, you will get there by his grace.

Never forget you need God on your best days just as you do on your many worse days. Always keep your relationship with him and never neglect him because he is more than enough for you.

Never forget to be respectful, remain humble, be the best at what you do, keep your dates with the creator, make mummy proud of you, that God sent wonderful people as friends to you, remind yourself you deserve the very best and be true to your self and others.

My prayers for you are; that lines shall fall for you in pleasant places, that the grace of God shall be sufficient for you, that the light of God shall shine on your path, that he will cause his face to shine on you, that you will fulfill destiny and shall be a child unto honour  in Jesus name. Amen!!!

I will leave you with this words, you are amazing, you are more than enough, you have everything you need to be the best, you are a star and may your light never go dim. Like fine wine you keep getting better as the years pass bye. Never stop being amazing holy ghost baby,

Happy 21st birthday Adefunke daughter of the King. I love you baby girl more than words can say.

With Love Self.

Here are pictures from my 21st birthday, they are not so clear tho ;

The birthday cake 😍🎂

My god parents came out for me

The three musketeers 😉

The squad 😍😍😍

Until next time lovelies…

Tutu ❤


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