Gold! A priceless procession Gold! A precious stone Gold! A gift from above Gold! A wish of every one Gold! A strive to possess Gold! A treasured gift Just as the gold I will not be mistaken To compare you as the Gold Remember that only the one That knows the true worth of a…… Continue reading Golden

Thanksgiving day.

With moving to a new country far away from home comes learning new cultures and life styles which you can choose to embrace it, infuse with yours to get a better lifestyle/ culture or disregard it all the same. I have heard about the thanksgiving holiday while I was in Nigeria, but I gave it little…… Continue reading Thanksgiving day.

Reminiscing… My Unilag days

It’s a beautiful day today guys, my google photos showed me a reminder of what I was doing this time last year and clicking on it brought back a lot of memories. Sweet memories, ones I have forgotten. Thank God for Facebook and Google that will remind me that it has been a year since…… Continue reading Reminiscing… My Unilag days

Halloween… The very first experience

Straddling the line between fall and winter, plenty and paucity, life and death, Halloween is a time of celebration and superstition. I got into a new country and some weeks into my stay I saw really funny and creepy decorations in people’s poach, I had to ask my aunt out of curiosity what the decorating…… Continue reading Halloween… The very first experience

New beginnings…

We always want to give a toast to new beginnings but are we all ready for the change that comes with new beginnings? Big question. Leaving everything behind and starting afresh can be a bit daunting with a lot of rethinks to be done as you are taking a big leap into the world of uncertainties…… Continue reading New beginnings…