Life gets extremely busy like the early morning hustling for molue buses in Lagos when I was younger, but the false reality is that we never get tired of her (life’s) stressful routine – we, just keep living each day as it comes; making sure each tiny box gets ticked on our physical and imaginary to-do list. I am in that phase right now, the phase were I have engaged myself in living life and trying to tick boxes on my to-do list which I must confess has been overwhelming. My happiness has found a channel through certain pipelines and I have decided to share seven of them with you.

  1. Quality time in the presence of God: Creating and spending time in the presence of God makes me happy and it gives me this peace that remains unexplainable, in my mind I find a comfort that a father figure really cares for me.
  2. Seeing an African at random: Nostalgia, is the realest deal for a Lagos girl like me living far away from home. This has made the little things I used to see as normal mean more than special to me. Seeing an African makes me happy, but you  make my day more once you’re Nigerian. The Joy I have felt those moments can’t be quantified. Nigerians, we have this proud banner we carry everywhere we go, so having a light hearted conversation becomes my mind’s way of saying home still owns us all.
  3. Spending time with the family: I have realised that I can’t relive every moment but I can make every moment count. Every moment I spend with them eating out or just having a chit-chat makes me so happy.
  4. Unexpected calls from loved ones: International calls can be pretty expensive but I am thankful for “clear” Whatsapp calls. Whenever a loved one calls me unexpectedly I just glow up (If you understand).
  5. Hair growth: Growing a natural hair is money and time consuming (my natural hair sisters can relate) but when you hair show the results, it’s nothing but pure joy. Any time I measure my hair length and discover the tinniest hair growth I am super happy.
  6. Blog views: This always gets me grinning every time, to know that someone somewhere in the world is sparing some minutes of their time to read what this little girl has to write about.
  7. Shopping, shopping and shopping: Shopping for clothes, shoes, gadgets etc makes me smile even if I am having a bad day. Online or in store shopping makes me super happy but sometimes it might be window shopping though.

This part I can’t take away, because I still giggle like a child at the thought of it.

  • Pay checks: When my paycheck comes through every fortnight there is this happiness  but it is short-lived because bills must be paid.

I just wanted to share some things that really makes me happy, I know life can be really overwhelming but let’s stop for a minute and breathe.


What sincerely makes you happy? Please drop your thoughts in the comments section below, I would love to know. 



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