I am more than excited to share with you my very first Do It Yourself (DIY), I never thought I would have any DIY to share, but here I am *never say never*. Cheers to many more DIY(s).

Since I had my big chop and relocated to another country, I have been unable to make my hair, but me being used to having different looks at different times, I have been trying to style my natural hair in different ways. So I have been seeing videos of ladies with the kinky hair type like mine curl their hair with setting rollers so I decided to try it out. Well I forgot that my hair length wasn’t same as their’s, hence the result was different: faux locs (dreads) instead of curls.

2017-06-26 12.33.54 1
I had curls for the first day

Products I used

  1. Gel: I wanted to make the curl (locs) last so I used this gel and it worked. N.B: Cantu products are good for natural hair.
Cantu moisturizing gel

2. Mousse: The mousse does almost the same work as the gel but this particular mousse was curl activating so I went for it.

Smooth ‘n shine polishing curl activating mousse

3. Setting lotion: I was excited to see a new version of lotta body and it had the basic oils I need on my hair.

Lotta body

4. Rollers: I used this Conair setting rollings to put my hair in place


5. Drying: I air-dried my hair because I don’t want to use heat on my hair at the moment.

2017-06-26 01.38.36 1

By the second day I had faux locs which I styled differently for a week before I combed it out.


How helpful do you think this post is? And would you like to read more DIYs. Drop your thoughts in the comments section below and I appreciate you stopping by.


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