Love, is one of the most profound emotions known to human beings. Love, comes in different flavours, shades and tones, but everyone seeks its expression in a romantic relationship with a compatible partner. A good relationship is more than something we want—it’s something, we need, to be at our happiest, healthiest, most productive peak or limit.…… Continue reading RELATIONSHIPS… MAKING IT WORK.


Life gets extremely busy like the early morning hustling for molue buses in Lagos when I was younger, but the false reality is that we never get tired of her (life’s) stressful routine – we, just keep living each day as it comes; making sure each tiny box gets ticked on our physical and imaginary to-do list. I…… Continue reading 7 THINGS THAT SINCERELY MAKES ME HAPPY THESE DAYS.



Aloha! Guys, let’s go to the “mother city”, Cape Town. Located southwest coast of South Africa, this sea side metropolis is home to adventure seekers from all over the world. The welcoming attitude of the “Capetonians” has gotten it being named as the 8th friendliest city in the world. When your vacation is between December-March and you wish to do something different, then take a trip down to the mother city. Fun and adventure galore. Explore Cape Town with us. Its seetheworldwithbella!!! Tag along.

CAPE TOWNOne of the most visited tourist places in Cape Town is the Table Mountain. Tourists climb this unique mountain for different purposes; for the great view, weddings, proposals, parties etc. There are secluded spots for relaxation at every peak. Those who prefer not to sweat (like myself, lol) can join the cable cars and still enjoy the sweeping sights. Trust me, going all…

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Lately I have been reminiscing a lot about my life before the big 20 and I have had series of flashbacks play in my head. I realized that life after the age 20 has been moving so fast paced. I really wish I could put its pacing on the exact opposite of what I have right now. Growing…… Continue reading JUST BEFORE 20…

What nobody tells you about the fro life.

Hey guys!!! This post was inspired by Hassie of mikunstyles post on how she keeps her hair hydrated. Since every naturalista tells you about the advantages of keeping a natural hair and they hardly share the behind the scenes, I decided to share 10 of the many things nobody ever tells you about the Fro…… Continue reading What nobody tells you about the fro life.

Lagos girl, Oklahoma living.

Hey guys, This post should have been up a while back but the days move too fast and life gets busy. I hope you enjoy reading this post as I outline the difference(s) between living in Oklahoma City, USA and Lagos city, Nigeria; Temperature/ Weather: This has to make the top of the list because this…… Continue reading Lagos girl, Oklahoma living.

There is a problem with you. Yes you!

Hey guys!!! How has your week been so far? Do you remember the editor of this blog who I appreciated in a previous post, well he is now a contributor and he wrote this beautiful piece on ‘GENDER EQUALITY’. Gender equality from a guys point of view. Sit tight and enjoy this post. The problem…… Continue reading There is a problem with you. Yes you!