Does it really matter???

Lagos just has a way of feeding you with stressful impulse without trying to hurt you. I really wanted to be home, throw my shoes in different directions, have a good meal, have my bath and sleep. I got to the bus stop, to begin another cycle of stress. Lagos in case you don’t know…… Continue reading Does it really matter???

Taste of failure

You might have mixed feelings reading this post but yes am writing about this. I can boldly say to a very large extent I haven’t experienced failing at anything. I dread it with passion and success or nothing is my aim. But then, this one time came and I failed, yes I did. It hurts…… Continue reading Taste of failure

Gloomy day.

The sound system was playing loud sombre music from a part of my crib as I approached home from another blood draining day at work. The traffic these days has made me so unaware of those little things around, I always just want to get into bed as fast as possible every day, to cool…… Continue reading Gloomy day.