The natural hair trend has been embraced by a lot of African ladies and has come to stay. The trend has made a lot of ladies like me cut off their relaxed ends and start all over again. It’s a journey and I must say it’s an interesting one. I have been on my natural…… Continue reading 8 EASY WAYS TO STYLE NATURAL HAIR.

What nobody tells you about the fro life.

Hey guys!!! This post was inspired by Hassie of mikunstyles post on how she keeps her hair hydrated. Since every naturalista tells you about the advantages of keeping a natural hair and they hardly share the behind the scenes, I decided to share 10 of the many things nobody ever tells you about the Fro…… Continue reading What nobody tells you about the fro life.

Transitioning; Reasons why I did.

Guys! Remember I promised sharing my hair journey with you all on one of my instagram post some weeks ago? Well this is it. Most people must be wondering why I decided to transition/cut my lovely long hair just for the natural trend šŸ™‚ . A lot more of those who know me personally has…… Continue reading Transitioning; Reasons why I did.