Currently in love with Marry me- Ric Hassani After so many days of prolonged Summer and Fall trying to creep in, it finally came. Fall also known as Autumn is one of the two coldest seasons in the temperate region. I like to liken Fall to Harmattan or Dry season in Nigeria where I used…… Continue reading THRIFT FIND OCTOBER| FALL INSPIRED


A blog is a website created by a writer(s) to share trending stories, personal experiences, opinions and  observations, etc. Over the years blogging has become popular among the millennials and has turned to a great pastime on the web. People blog to share news, stories, fashion, life style and more. I know starting a blog can…… Continue reading CREATING A BLOG? ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW I.


Lately I have been reminiscing a lot about my life before the big 20 and I have had series of flashbacks play in my head. I realized that life after the age 20 has been moving so fast paced. I really wish I could put its pacing on the exact opposite of what I have right now. Growing…… Continue reading JUST BEFORE 20…

What nobody tells you about the fro life.

Hey guys!!! This post was inspired by Hassie of mikunstyles post on how she keeps her hair hydrated. Since every naturalista tells you about the advantages of keeping a natural hair and they hardly share the behind the scenes, I decided to share 10 of the many things nobody ever tells you about the Fro…… Continue reading What nobody tells you about the fro life.

Lagos girl, Oklahoma living.

Hey guys, This post should have been up a while back but the days move too fast and life gets busy. I hope you enjoy reading this post as I outline the difference(s) between living in Oklahoma City, USA and Lagos city, Nigeria; Temperature/ Weather: This has to make the top of the list because this…… Continue reading Lagos girl, Oklahoma living.

Hair journey 1…Products I use and tips to know.

Hey guys!!! Do you rememeber the post on Instagram where I asked if you would like to know about my hair journey? well some people indicated interest in knowing and I am going to share. I must apologize for dropping this post a little too late; my sincere apologies *grinning*. I have been transitioning for…… Continue reading Hair journey 1…Products I use and tips to know.

​I am Ready!

Hey guys!!! I’m officially back from the long holidays refreshed and ready to publish posts that has been sitting pretty in my drafts. This poem is for the new year. Are you ready? Hearkening to the whistle The wake of a new morn Opened to see the filaments That covers the heaven above The brightness…… Continue reading ​I am Ready!