The natural hair trend has been embraced by a lot of African ladies and has come to stay. The trend has made a lot of ladies like me cut off their relaxed ends and start all over again. It’s a journey and I must say it’s an interesting one. I have been on my natural…… Continue reading 8 EASY WAYS TO STYLE NATURAL HAIR.


I am more than excited to share with you my very first Do It Yourself (DIY), I never thought I would have any DIY to share, but here I am *never say never*. Cheers to many more DIY(s). Since I had my big chop and relocated to another country, I have been unable to make…… Continue reading DIY: HOW TO MAKE FAUX LOCS.

Lagos girl, Oklahoma living.

Hey guys, This post should have been up a while back but the days move too fast and life gets busy. I hope you enjoy reading this post as I outline the difference(s) between living in Oklahoma City, USA and Lagos city, Nigeria; Temperature/ Weather: This has to make the top of the list because this…… Continue reading Lagos girl, Oklahoma living.

Perfect Gentleman.

Just in a jiffy Suddenly we met Hoping to become a casual friend But suddenly at a point My soul find solace in you Bringing out pure gentility Genuinely from my heart The one that cares from the deepest Even at the darkest Though at the brightness Behold, I will be with you Solidly behind…… Continue reading Perfect Gentleman.